We shared the below article about a year ago.  Although we cannot say that we have never had someone with our organization attempt to recruit in season from another organization, I can say it was never with our knowledge or endorsement; we have never promoted or practiced this.I received a text last night from a parent saying how they were being aggressively pursued and harassed by a rival organization (everyone in N NJ and the surrounding area knows this organization).   The parent has politely said “no” several times, and the coach keeps contacting them.  The coach has also had other parents and contacts reach out to recruit our player.  The parent asked me how desperate are they and why they don’t take No for an answer?

The coach attempting to recruit our player, when seeing her in the batting cage said “I see your shirt says Vipers and you need to take that off”.  Really?

I provided suggestions on how to respond.

I am in sales and know the difference between follow up, persistence, professionalism and inappropriate.  We choose to show respect to other organizations, just as we expect it back. Unfortunately this organization makes it a habit to try to poach us.  They are successful at times, mostly not.

There are ways to do things and ways not to.  This is an example of “not” and validates why we do not practice this.  I understand the free market; nobody is under contract and there are no non-compete clauses. Still, there are ethical and respectful ways to build your teams and organization.  We do not believe that is the way to do it, especially in season.  Tryout season is fair game.

I will close with this: whenever we play that organization, ay any level, there will be no let up.  If we score 25 runs and I am asked my thought about such a lopsided score…I will respond by saying my only regret is that we did not score 26.


Bob Germano


To Poach Or Not To Poach…We Choose NOT!

We have long had a policy here at the NJ Vipers that we do not poach players from other organizations.  We do not want it done to us and choose not to do it to others.  We have tryout periods, we will post for openings and if a prospective player approaches us, we will have a discussion and explore possible synergies.

We have experienced this season other programs actively trying to poach our players, and we hear that others are considering to start and will be looking at our players…actively soliciting them.

We believe our approach is the right one…it demonstrates how we are ALL IN on our kids.  We know that we are never a finished product.  We are always looking to get better as we anticipate and embrace changes.

Our parents should take solace in the fact that we do not pursue a poaching approach to grow our organization.  Our reputation, transparency, track record and approachability have shown to be more than enough to always grow our program.  We will continue to pursue that path.


Bob Germano


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