What is Summer Softball?  Summer softball is a an extension of the Rec season into mid-late July.  Teams are more competitive and play vs. other towns/ town teams in the Bergen County area. This is a level higher than Rec, and less then Club.

What is the difference between the NV Renegades & NJ Vipers?

In short, the NJ Vipers (NJV) is a year round program while the NV Renegades (NVR) is a less formal and summer/ seasonal commitment, mostly focused on weeknight summer games.  All Northern Valley players are accepted onto the team.  Our FAQ's are listed below.

2023 Eligibility based on birth year: 

3/4 Grade: In 3rd or 4th grade for 2023/24 school year

2013: 10U eligible

2011/2012: 12U eligible (we would like to offer this level, depends on interest level and pitching availability)

We are not offering a High School level for 2024

** This is a "town travel" based team and intended for Northern Valley residents, students, and/ or for players whose towns do not offer this opportunity to play.  We are not recruiting/ open to any and all.  If your town has a team, you should be playing there.  Any questions, please contact us at [email protected]




What are the NV Renegades?

The Renegades are a spring/summer program in the Northern Valley playing in Bergen County.  This is frequently referred to as a “Travel” team, however travel is defined as traveling to neighboring towns.    We are a summer program for the Northern Valley for kids who want to play beyond a rec schedule.

What is the difference between Club and Travel/ Summer Softball?

Travel is seasonal, less expensive and more hometown based.  Club softball is a year-long commitment that includes both fall and spring/summer seasons with winter practices.  Club requires travel outside the immediate area and has a roster with no geographic restrictions.  The Renegades play around the Bergen County area.

What is the difference between the Vipers and the Renegades?

In short, the NJ Vipers (NJV) is a year round program (see description here) while the NV Renegades (NVR) is a less formal and seasonal commitment with some training in the spring leading up to their  weeknight summer games.  The Vipers are a play to win club program and has tryouts to make the team.  The NVR is a hometown program designed to further the game for the Northern Valley.

How long have the Renegades been around?

The Renegades have been together for 15+ years and is overseen by many of the same coaches that coach the Vipers club program, hence offering a higher level of expertise than many travel programs.  The Renegades coaching is tempered to the kids we have here.  This is a town type program approach, and we fully understand the difference.  In fact, we helped author the difference in the marketplace.

Why do the Renegades have additional training?

Travel ball is an enhanced commitment for those who want something more than the rec programs provide.  This is either a steppingstone to club ball or the destination for players who want better competition but only seasonally.  The summer games are for wins and losses and there is enhanced competition.  We want to train players so they can be prepared for what they will see.

How long does the season run?

Our season runs from on or about the first week of June to about the third week of July.  We will play fifteen or so games over 6 weeks and may include one local weekend tournament in early or mid-June if the team(s) decide to do so.


Does this interfere with Rec?

It is not intended to.  Since Rec is managed by different towns in different manners, and coaches can schedule/ re-schedule games at will, we try to stay to times when Rec does not compete.  Any training we do will usually be late Sunday afternoons for practices or even a scrimmage.

So, do you practice and play during the rec season?

We will have some organizational practices before the season starts to introduce coaches and players.  This is mostly game schedules.

Are there tryouts?

No, we do not cut anyone from the Northern Valley Renegades.  Our main goal is to grow the game and to do so through teaching how to perform in a more competitive environment.  The game is faster than rec and much more reliant on a full team effort.

How can I find out more information and where do we sign up?

You can read all about our program at our website at www.northjerseyvipers.com

Can players play both Renegades and Vipers?

Yes, and this is strongly encouraged but we ensure the difference is understood.  A great benefit of playing under one roof is schedule control to ensure kids are not “over-scheduled” but also to eliminate conflicts.  In addition, we feel it is important to play with the players who will be attending the same high school and learn how to play together.  Most if not all Viper players play for their town travel teams during the summer and will play against Viper teammates.  Lastly, this is where Renegades players may make the decision to pursue club ball and if so, we want it to be here with the Vipers.

What is the cost to play Renegades?

Our cost is listed in the registration and are very affordable!  We obsess to keep them as low as possible.  There is a basic registration cost, plus uniforms.  We use the same uniforms as previous years, so if they fit and can be used a second year they do not need to be repurchased.   Estimated cost for uniform package is $100.

We are not a town sponsored (albeit we always pursue their endorsements) program because we bring kids in from all NV towns, and run the program on our own, without town rec budgets or financial support.  We pay all of our own costs, including league fees, field permits, coaches, equipment, insurance and all other costs to operate.


We hope to welcome you to our family!


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Waivers: Players/ Parents are asked to complete waivers from time to time.  Here is a list of what we use:


Viper Den/Facility Waiver

Viper Tryout Waiver


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