Please contact Bob Germano for any questions or follow up at  or 201-697-9834


2022/21 Eligibility based on birth year: 

2011/12: 10U eligible

2009/2010: 12U eligible

2007/2008: 14U eligible

2006/2005: 16U eligible

2004: 18U eligible

We are always looking for pictures, recaps and tidbits that happen with our teams at tournaments, practices and team gatherings.  We want to post and push out as much information as possible regarding the fun, success and antics our Vipers get into during the season.   Please send any information you would like to see posted/ tweeted, etc… to  We will do our best to get as many up as possible.   Picture, caption and quick description will help.  Please see our Instagram feed for many organizational pictures, highlights and happenings!