Feedback & Advice to parents, players, and our younger selves!

“What is it that you think the Vipers do best? ”


I would like to thank the softball gods for allowing me the opportunity to be a Viper.

- Vin Molina, Viper For Life




"Hi!  Just wanted to send over a quick note and say how pleased we are with the off-season work, sessions offered, and time that has gone into our girls this winter!   Between the first tourney of the season, and first 2 rec games this week, we have seen incredible progress.  It's evident that her coaches and the Vipers organization have helped her grow into the confident and strong athlete she is and is becoming!   As a first season player, we were not sure what to expect, and were looking forward to the start of the season for months...and it did NOT disappoint!  We are so impressed with this program and how it has helped develop (our daughter’s) skills. She looks totally different on the field than she did when she started with the Vipers this pas fall.  Thank you for helping instill confidence in her, and for helping her grow as an athlete!"

"Organizational communication. Really like the winter workouts."

"Vipers really make the player and parents feel as a Family. Good competition in Tournaments. Great recurring activities (batting practices, specialized sessions) to help the player along in development."

"What do I think the vipers do best? promote their updates via email to inform parents and player"

"Diversity of workouts/training offered - Attention to improving Den - many positive upgrades - Plenty of communication - information is there - Opps to fundraise - Media opps are cool - Suggestions for things to work on w team - strategies - Really - we do a lot well. Only club I know and experience so far has been very good."

"engaged is off season"

"Having the calendars for games and practices set well in advance helps ensure we can make use of all the opportunities. Team snap and weekly emails. Flexibility of our coaches in the winter with other sport team conflicts. Having tournaments that are typically within an hour drive."

"The team and organizational practices are well organized and structured with excellent instruction."

"Teach/ coach all the time. "

"You guys know a lot of stuff about softball and you teach it to the girls in a way that they can understand. and remember. I believe that you care about the players very much. Thank you for everything."

"Supporting the players and their families. Opportunities to improve by offering batting, pitching, catching on top of regular sessions. I really appreciate the communication with the vipers coaches and higher ups"

"Without the Vipers I do not meet Coach Jerry. Only because of him and his passion have I met my goals of playing at the college level for the college I want to attend. He has made himself available all the times to prepare me for my future. He is an asset to the organization. "

"Push our girls to be their best"

"communication, training and social media hype 🙂 "

"Build self confidence in the girls throughout the organization"

"In the beginning, practices were more a verbalization to players in situations that may occur in live play. I was hoping it would be players doing mock plays instead of just verbalizing to girls what to do and that IS being done as practices went on. Some players learn well visuals than verbal. It does benefit players. The practices more than one a week, a plus. "

"Communication is great"

"I like the support from top to bottom no matter which coach comes to help at any level, they all invest in the kids."

"Teaching in an appropriate and kind manner as well as making sure the girls get along as a family. "

"Good coaching staff"

"Provide frequent work out sessions and opportunity to play softball at competitive level."

"Social media "

"Foster an amazing culture. "

"Provide instructional opportunities for the athletes to improve and play."

"My daughter is in the Futures program so it’s difficult to say at this time. "

"We are super happy! Surprising to me is that you exceeded my expectations. You set the bar high and have exceeded it!!!"

"Training and Communication"

"Nurture the athletes"

"Excellent communication. Great at constructive, encouraging feedback. "

"Development "

"More than enough team practice time with all of the other opportunities to better one self. The misunderstood/ uncommitted will make excuses or the blame game. The framework to get better is there. It is up to oneself to take advantage of it. "

"I am very happy all the opportunity to train. There was probably an opportunity to train 5 of 7 days per week."

"Vipers are great at providing opportunities for skill building. My daughter has learned so much and greatly improved her skills in all areas"

"I believe my daughter is learning the game the correct way while also taking pride in the organization she plays for."

"Adding additional training/learning sessions in addition to practices."

"Get girl ready for high school. Establish great relationships between players. "



"Flexibility. One of the things that had scared us away from club experience was rigidity in schedule and backlash against conflicts. I think the Vipers get it. The Vipers are preparing the girls for life inside and outside of the diamond. Quite honestly, the commitment of Bob "


"Encouragement & self-confidence building"

"Communicate in regard to scheduling "

"Promotion, very good at getting the name out there and being known in the area. Offerings for extra practices and workouts have been abundant. Securing spaces to run practices and clinics. Promoting a next level mindset. "

"An ability to be a part of a club that is highly competitive and respected. "

"I love how it’s not “do as I say” but a do as I do” and everyone from the top down contributes. I think it’s FANTASTIC that Bobby leads by example and rolls his sleeves up. With most other organizations, you don’t see this. It’s noticeable and shows complete desire to have the girls get better."

"Camaraderie of the girls is phenomenal. I also like the fact that the tournaments are not too far away. I appreciate the additional facility opportunities to practice & also the hitting practice. "

"Maintain winter workouts consistently to get the girls better for upcoming seasons. "

"The camaraderie with the players, the bonds and friendships they are developing. Going to the games. My daughter’s team coaches and parents. Bob and Jerry and the efforts being made to make the Vipers the best organization. It's a tall task but you make it look effortless"

"Instruct, engage and support"

"Communication via the weekly emails"

"There’s a plan and NJV stick to it, with little variation from our mission. It’s all about the Vipers! We truly enjoy being part of the Viper family! "

"From our experience with the program it is the professional approach from the coaches and throughout the organization. Teaching the girls the correct way to approach and respect the game of softball.  How to not only play the game properly, but also how to conduct yourself both on and off the field. "

"They are there for the players and families; flexible, works to help the player continue to develop and grow."

"Minimize stress and having fun!"

"Vipers are an amazing organization giving girls every opportunity to succeed in their softball careers. There are so many opportunities for the girls we have been very fortunate!"

"Many training opportunities "

"They go above and beyond for every player"

"Help kids love softball"

"Run an elite organization "

"Communication and offerings of skill sessions "

"1.We do what we say 2. Commitment to player development 3. Just win baby!"

"The amount to practice time and extra practice reps you provide are awesome and really help in development"

"We appreciate all the clinics that have been offered this season. (I wish we had time to do them all) I think the communication level that the organization has with the players and families is great."

"Everything "