8/7/22: This site is being updated daily to align with our 2022/23 season.  Will be under construction for the next 30 days or so.


Open House 9/12/22.  Click Here


2022/23 Eligibility based on birth year: 

2012/13: 10U eligible

2011/2010: 12U eligible

2009/2008: 14U eligible

2006/2007: 16U eligible

2004/2005: 18U eligible

Kennedy Field Waiver

North Jersey Vipers Softball...we are kicking off our digital fundraiser on 8/24/22 and will run through 9/21/22.


Friends & Fans Can Donate Here

** Funds raised will be applied to offset tuition costs only and members cannot profit from this venture.  Should funds raised exceed amounts paid or due, those funds will be donated to the Vipers organization (ex. $500 tuition and a $1,000 donation received, the $500 variance will be a donation to the Vipers).  Funds can take up to 30 days to be received and upon receipt by the Vipers, you will be contacted on how to adjust your account.  You can choose to donate a portion of the amounts you raise to the organization if you wish.  Net proceeds represent an 80/20 split to you/ the platform.  Any transaction fees will be netted out should they exist, although none are expected. Net proceeds are defined as what our vendor delivers from your fundraising efforts.  Any funds raised from these efforts outside the platform are subject to Vendor net proceeds calculations unless they were disclosed prior to this kickoff.  Any funds received through these efforts remain with the Vipers, regardless of amounts owed, due or paid.  If a membership is terminated, funds received are subject to our No Refund Policy.


NJ Vipers 8/19/22

8/18/22 UNIFORM UPDATE: Now that you are a Viper it is time to check out our Viper Store!  Everything you need to outfit your Viper player or family for the upcoming season is right here!


1- Augusta Vipers USA Jersey

1- Holloway Freestyle Black Sleeveless (Sleeves are Premier Team only)

1- Holloway Freestyle White Sleeveless (Sleeves are Premier Team only)


1- Black Pant

1- White Pant

Accessories/ Socks

1- Black Socks

1- Blue Socks

1- Red Socks

1- Lime Socks

1- Black Belt

1- Blue Belt

Helmets/ Bags: Ordered though the Vipers directly.  Click here:

1- Helmet, Black (Premier: White).  To be ordered through Vipers.

1- Bat Bag.  To be ordered through Vipers (Catchers bag available too)

Humbled, honored and grateful for the opportunity to offer & be a part of this program.  Thank you to all who have been, are and will be Vipers and Renegades!

Congratulations to all of our All Bergen  County Recipients





Interested in joining the NV Renegades Summer Travel Program?  Click Here for details:

10U-HS Registration Closed. 5/18/22

The NJ Vipers is proud to announce our affinity relationship with Pipeline Productions.  For those Viper players interested in pursuing a professional video shoot please contact Jack and his team.

Bergen County's Longest Running Club Softball Program.  

Now In Our 10th Year!


"There is no need in the marketplace for an average club softball program.  You are either getting better or getting worse.  We have been doing this for over 10 years and understand the depth, scale and scope needed to be successful.  Our history & past successes are things we are very proud of and are not by accident, but we certainly do not rest on them.  We have worked really hard and continue to work even harder to get better and better every day as an organization.  We are always trying to add more value to our experience and deliver "+1"!    We say what we do and do what we say."

 - Bob Germano, NJ Vipers 

February, 2022: We are blessed to have many of our 2022 players committing to continue their softball careers at the collegiate level.  Here is who we have so far:

Mia Bianchi, New Milford HS, Curry College

Olivia Cataldo, NV/Old Tappan HS, University of Chicago

Raegen Germano, NV/Old Tappan, Roger Williams University

Olivia Jarvis, Ramsey HS, Roger Williams University

Cara Kochakian, IHA, Fairfield University

McKenna Lont, Ramapo HS, Middlebury College

Savannah Ring, Ramapo HS, University of Connecticut

Brandi Shortway, Midland Park HS, New Jersey City University

Congratulations to Raegen Germano for Athlete of the Week Honors 4/7/22

11/10/21 & May, 2022: Congratulations to Savannah Ring, Cara Kochakian, Raegen Germano, Olivia Cataldo Olivia Jarvis & Mia Bianchi on signing her NLI's to attend UCONN, Fairfield, Roger Williams, U of Chicago, Roger Williams & Curry College respectively in 2022!  Savannah was an All County/ All State player in 2021 for Ramapo HS and voted N NJ Player of the Year.  She has been with the Vipers since 2014 when she was 9 years old.  Cara was team captain at IHA, an All County/ All State Shortstop and a State Sectional Champion.  Raegen is an All County Pitcher and 2019 Bergen County Champion and in the top 5 for strikeouts in the State of NJ.  Olivia and Olivia were All County Players in 2021.  Mia is a leadoff All league player and team captain for New Milford HS.  We love you guys.


We are open for business and back in The Viper Den @ 11/1/21!



Our Viper Store is remodeled and open for business!   


Eligibility Questions?


2022/23 Eligibility based on birth year: 

2012: 10U eligible

2011/2010: 12U eligible

2009/2008: 14U eligible

2007/2006: 16U eligible

2005/2004: 18U eligible


Congratulations Savannah Ring for North Jersey Player of the Year, 2021.  

Savannah has been a Viper since she was 9 years old and we have seen her grow into this right before our eyes.


Congratulations to our All County Players for 2021 (listed in alphabetical order):



1st Team: Raegen Germano, Cara Kochakian, McKenna Lont, Savannah Ring

2nd Team: Olivia Cataldo, Savannah Nowak

3rd Team: Olivia Jarvis, Bellah Otero

Honorable Mention:

Emma Mercadante

Brandi Shortway

Deja Suero

Kayla Porter

Alyssa Shick


1st Team: Julz Koch



In the last two Bergen County Championships, The Vipers had over 35 Current/Former players competing in the final game?


2021: Ramapo vs Mahwah

2020: DNP due to CoVid-19

2019: NV/Old Tappan v Ramsey


5/18/21 Varsity Aces


The Vipers have been featured in many print and newspaper articles, as well as on WFAN NY.


The Sports Edge,  Sunday, 9/13/20

The Sports Edge. Sunday 3/25/18

The Vipers are looking for Coaches.  We are always looking to add quality, dedicated and committed coaches to our team.

Please contact us at vipersnj1@gmail.com

Another way for us to enhance your experience!  Sports Fee Insurance Now Available.  CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

Outfit yourself to be the best dressed and most enthusiastic Viper on any field!

Softball Uniforms & Fan Gear


NV Renegades Uniforms & Fan Gear


6/22/20: CoVid-19 Player QuestionnaireThis must be completed daily for any and all events.  No exceptions



Here is an interview they did with Dr. David Katz,  founding director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center who has too many credentials to list (full bio here), but is well-versed in all things coronavirus. If you are looking for an unbiased, professional opinion with no political agenda, this is it.  WE here at the NJ Vipers are not doctors, but Dr. Katz is!  Watch & listen to what Dr. Katz has to say.

Watch the full interview here

See our latest post in our NEWS section for our online peition and a fb interview with Dr Nicole Saphier.


6/15/20: New CoVid Waiver has been sent to all players/ parents.

6/16/20: Please see our Return To Play Protocols.  This is an evolving list.  

6/22/20: CoVid-19 Player QuestionnaireThis must be completed daily for any and all events.  No exceptions


For the latest information on your favorite softball organization, follow our NEWS section here, along with our social media posts


9/21/20 Update:

8/28/20 Update:

7/11/20: We will be in our new home very soon!  Here are some pictures of the progress we are making at The Viper Den 2.0

I would like to thank the softball gods for allowing me the opportunity to be a Viper.


 - VM, 3rd Year NJ Viper Parent





Our tryouts are NEVER done!   We may be and probably are still looking to fill an open roster spot, fill a specific need or create an opportunity for the right circumstance.   Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about joining the Vipers at vipersnj1@gmail.com

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The Vipers have a Zero Tolerance Policy

“The Vipers” deploy a zero-tolerance policy toward any form of violence, intimidation, and harassment, understood as but not limited to: physical hitting, shoving, kicking, throwing of objects, unwanted sexual advances, all forms of physical assault; abusive language or e-mails, social media posts, texts, threats, harassment, and intimidation; any attitude or action that can be reasonably construed as violence, intimidation or harassment toward another person.


Viper ownership has posted and communicate this policy to all members and stakeholders, especially managers, coaches, administrators, parents, and players, and advise them of their responsibility to report all incidents that can reasonably be construed as violence, intimidation, or harassment.

Social Media: Coaches, players, parents (and/ or guardians) are not to be sending, posting, texting, “snapping” or any other similar form of social media any content that can be construed as negative, harassing, discriminatory or intimidating towards any other member of the organization or opponent.

Viper ownership has posted and will communicate this policy to all members and stakeholders, especially managers, coaches, administrators, parents, and players, and advise them of their responsibility to report all incidents that can reasonably be construed as violence, intimidation, or harassment.

Upon receipt of any report of alleged violence or intimidation, the ownership and Player Agent, with an appointed sub-committee, will conduct an investigation to determine if the allegations are substantiated. The investigation will commence within 7 days of the reported incident.  Incidents must be reported in writing.

If the allegations of misconduct are substantiated, one or more of the following consequences will be recommended / considered to be implemented:

  • Be given a verbal/written warning that the action/behavior must stop immediately.
  • Be reprimanded verbally before the board and in writing and placed on probation for one year.
  • Be suspended from managing/coaching/administrating any team for any length to be determined, and/or restriction from any and all activity associated with The Vipers.

It is the intent of “The Vipers” to ensure a safe, productive, and professional softball & baseball environment.  All decisions will be rendered with these principles in mind.