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Murphy Executive Order:

Scholastic, youth and adult recreational indoor sports games and practices will be able to resume Saturday (1/2/21), Gov. Phil Murphy announced Wednesday.

Murphy’s executive order on the suspension of all indoor sports activities for the scholastic, youth and adult recreational levels was due to expire Saturday. It went into effect Dec. 5.

''Given the safety protocols we have in place and the stability in our numbers (COVID reported cases) over the last month, although stability at an uncomfortably high level, we feel confident we can move forward by continuing to deal with any outbreaks or other issues on an individual case basis as opposed to a blanket prohibition,'' Murphy said.

Murphy said a cancellation of high school sports seasons would have been a strong possibility had he extended the suspension. The NJSIAA's 2020 spring sports season was canceled due to the pandemic.

"There is no need in the marketplace for an average club softball program.  You are either getting better or getting worse.  We have been doing this for over 10 years and understand the depth, scale and scope needed to be successful.  Our history & past successes are things we are very proud of and are not by accident, but we certainly do not rest on them.  We have worked really hard and continue to work even harder to get better and better every day as an organization.  We are always trying to add more value to our experince and deliver "+1"!    We say what we do and do what we say."

 - Bob Germano, NJ Vipers 


The Vipers have been featured in many print and newspaper articles, as well as on WFAN NY.


The Sports Edge,  Sunday, 9/13/20

The Sports Edge. Sunday 3/25/18

The Vipers are looking for: 

1) 16U Pitcher who can also play a secondary position

2) Coaches.  We are always looking to add quality, dedicated and committed coaches to our team.

Please contact us at

Fall, 2020: We are often asked "What age group/ level does my daughter register and/ or qualify for?"

Softball will go by Birth Year and our fall schedule will be based on what level the girls will play in the Spring (2021).  Here is what the minimum eligibility is:

2010/2011: 10U eligible

2008/09: 12U eligible

2006/07: 14U eligible

2004/05: 16U eligible

2003+: 18U eligible

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6/22/20: CoVid-19 Player QuestionnaireThis must be completed daily for any and all events.  No exceptions


Here is an interview they did with Dr. David Katz,  founding director of Yale University’s Yale-Griffin Prevention Research Center who has too many credentials to list (full bio here), but is well-versed in all things coronavirus. If you are looking for an unbiased, professional opinion with no political agenda, this is it.  WE here at the NJ Vipers are not doctors, but Dr. Katz is!  Watch & listen to what Dr. Katz has to say.

Watch the full interview here

See our latest post in our NEWS section for our online peition and a fb interview with Dr Nicole Saphier.


6/15/20: New CoVid Waiver has been sent to all players/ parents.

6/16/20: Please see our Return To Play Protocols.  This is an evolving list.  

6/22/20: CoVid-19 Player QuestionnaireThis must be completed daily for any and all events.  No exceptions


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9/21/20 Update:

8/28/20 Update:

7/11/20: We will be in our new home very soon!  Here are some pictures of the progress we are making at The Viper Den 2.0

I would like to thank the softball gods for allowing me the opportunity to be a Viper.


 - VM, 3rd Year NJ Viper Parent





Our tryouts are NEVER done!   We may be and probabaly are still looking to fill an open roster spot, fill a specific need or create an opportunity for the right circumstance.   Please contact us if you are interested in learning more about joining the Vipers!

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The Vipers have a Zero Tolerance Policy


“The Vipers” hereby adopts a zero-tolerance policy toward any form of violence and harassment, understood as: physical hitting, shoving, kicking, throwing of objects, unwanted sexual advances, all forms of physical assault; abusive language or e-mails, threats, harassment and intimidation; any attitude or action that can be reasonably construed as violence toward another.

Vipers ownership has posted and will communicate this policy to all members and stakeholders, especially managers, coaches, administrators, parents, and players, and advise them of their responsibility to report all incidents that can reasonably be construed as violence.

Upon receipt of any report of alleged violence or intimidation, the ownership and Player Agent, with an appointed sub-committee, will conduct an investigation to determine if the allegations are substantiated. The investigation will commence within 7 days of the reported incident.  Incidents must be reported in writing.

If the allegations of misconduct are substantiated, one or more of the following consequences will be recommended to the board.


  • Be given a verbal/written warning that the action/behavior must stop immediately.
  • Be reprimanded verbally before the board and in writing and placed on probation for one year.
  • Be suspended from managing/coaching/administrating any team for any length to be determined, and/or restriction from any and all activity associated with The Vipers.


It is the intent of “The Vipers” to ensure a safe, productive, and professional softball & baseball environment.  All decisions will be rendered with these principles in mind.