At the size and scale of our organization, we literally receive dozens of sponsorship/ contribution requests throughout a month.  From Girl Scouts, rec/ travel/ HS softball team fundraisers, fall/ winter sport fundraisers, school activities, etc…, the requests come from all directions, and from all ages.

While we would love to sponsor and support all requests that come our way (and believe me we would love to), it is simply impossible for us to do financially.  We are always balancing our price points to be as low as possible, so we simply do not have the budget to match the requests we get.  We also do not want to (not purposely) appear to show favoritism to an individual(s) by doing for one player/ town/ event type vs another.

As a result, unless there is a specific marketing/ strategic opportunity for the Vipers, we respectfully will not be able to approve or participate with fundraising/ donation requests.

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