Waivers: Players/ Parents are asked to complete waivers from time to time.  Here is a list of what we use:


Viper Den/Facility Waiver

Viper Tryout Waiver

Borough of Norwood

Borough of Northvale

Danbury Dome

10/14/21: We have added an item to the below regarding cell phones...click here

Player & Parent Acknowledgement

Parents/ Players acknowledged and agreed to the following in their registration process.

  • (Parents/ Players, “P&P”) understand that being part of the Vipers is an honor, privilege, and an enhanced commitment.  (P&P) represent herein that (I) will make as many games and practices as possible.  P&P acknowledge that we are part of a team and that the team’s commitment to scheduled events is necessary for the team and the organization to be successful.  Should there be a situation(s) where (I) cannot attend a tournament, game or practice, P&P will give as much notice as possible to the staff directly via phone/ email/ text.  Should there be recurring situations that games and practices are missed and communication is not proactive between me (and/ or my child) and the coach, P&P understand that playing time may lessen and/ or be significantly reduced.
  • The organization works very hard and in conjunction with Head Coaches and team coaches to create a competitive schedule commensurate with team ability.  The club (team) will communicate these events to you and/ or place TBD dates into your calendars as much as possible.  You are expected to be at as many games/ tournaments as possible.  Vipers are your priority over town, rec, travel summer teams and Summer/ Fall high school softball games.  Should a tournament be scheduled, and the team cannot field enough players, the tournament will be considered as if it happened.  Players, coaches and parents are expected to appreciate and fulfill the commitment being made by all parties.  Vipers are the priority!  Rosters are built to absorb 1-2 players being unavailable from time to time (but not more than that).
  • P&P understand the coach and coaching staff has the right and responsibility on where my child plays, bats in the lineup, how many innings they pitch/catch, etc….   I agree I will play the positions I am assigned to during the games in which we play.  Players will hustle with enthusiasm, present a positive attitude and represent the organization with class.  THE COACH WILL DECIDE WHERE PLAYERS PLAY AND HOW MUCH THEY PLAY.  As referenced herein and throughout, the times to discuss positioning, playing time, etc… is after the 48-hour rule has elapsed
  • Playing time and positions are earned not given.  EVERY position on the field is important.  EVERY ONE!  Coaches run practice and evaluate skills on an ongoing basis.  Players are inserted where they can best succeed.
  • Players play.  Coaches coach.  Parents cheer.
  • (Parents) will refrain from coaching their child or other players during games and practices, unless (they are) one of the official coaches of the team.  Attempts to coach your child, while may be well intentioned, may contradict what the head coach is doing or what has been practiced.  Parents are encouraged to approach coaches when appropriate to ask questions but attempting to coach during a game is prohibited.
  • (Parents) will not enter the dugout during a game or position (themselves) near a dugout as to interfere with players or coaches.
  • Coaches are advised to NOT discuss anything game related with parents/ guardians until the “48-hour rule” has elapsed.  48 hours must elapse.  Coaches are directed by the organization to not have these conversations in < 48 hours.
  • Club Softball is not recreation softball, where every participant is guaranteed a minimum number of innings played, or that every player bat in the lineup.  Club Softball is a privilege and a heightened commitment.  Our objective is to play everyone as much as we can as game situations dictate to be competitive.  Having said that, no girl or parent signs up for club softball and attends practices with the expectation to travel all over the state (and surrounding states) just to watch from the bench while the other girls play.  If a girl has been deemed worthy of making the team then it becomes incumbent upon the manager and his/her coaching staff to find playing time for all players Saturday (2 games) vs. Sunday.  The manager will make every attempt to get each kid half the game in scrimmage/ league games.  We will also strive to play competitive softball and there may be times when the Manager and coaches will be “unfair” with playing time in the interest of competition.  As stated above, playing time and positioning is earned.
  • Playing time will be addressed in the aggregate and not on a week to week basis.  Games are timed and in many cases Viper teams may get less/ more at bats, less/ more field time.
  • Pitching.  Many of our athletes will take up pitching as their career evolves.  The Viper rosters are often set with pitchers when entering the season.  There is an old saying of “you never have enough pitching”, so if a player is excelling with pitching outside of Vipers, the coach and player will see if there is a way to get innings here.  Coaches are under no obligation to let players “try” pitching during Viper games, however roster make up and availability will allow coaches to use discretion.
  • Lineups.  The most important batter is the one who is up to bat.  Lineups are made by the coaching staff and balance a number of factors.  The Vipers will set and tinker with lineups often with the goal to produce the most amount of runs.  Coaches see practices and games.  They see what is being worked on.  48 hours must elapse after games to even approach a conversation about lineups.  The best way to move up in a lineup is to hit your way up.  Always has been, always will be.
  • This is worth repeating.  I acknowledge that this team is my primary softball team and is my priority.  I will not forego Vipers games or tournaments for softball games at the Rec, Town or Town Travel Level unless given permission by my head coach or the organization.  I ALSO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT I WILL NOT PLAY FOR OR GUEST WITH ANY OTHER CLUB ORGANIZATION AND THAT DOING SO CAN RESULT IN SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION FROM THE VIPERS.
  • High School Players.  Some high school programs have fall & summer schedules.  The Vipers will have conflicts with these events from time to time and as stated herein, we expect you to be at our events as your priority.  We do schedule our events where they will not conflict every week and you should have more than advance notice 99% of the time.  You and your coach must ensure a balance is struck and event rosters managed.
  • I also acknowledge that if I try out for another Softball Club organization during the Viper season, I may be subject to restricted and/ or significant forfeiture of playing time.  2020 with CoVid and season extensions were exempted into August, 2020.
  • The Vipers do support and encourage multi-sport athletes.  We ask that the Primary Sport/Primary season approach be applied…Soccer/field hockey/volleyball in the fall, Track, Hockey, Basketball in the Winter.  In the Spring/Summer, Vipers is your priority and #1 commitment.


Acts of God. In the event that The Organization is unable to meet its representations because of acts of God, equipment or transmission failure or damage beyond its reasonable control, or other causes beyond its reasonable control (Earthquakes, Blizzards, extreme weather, Tornadoes, Extremely high tides, Floods, Hurricanes, Lightning storms, Hail, Volcanic eruptions, Death), The Organization shall not be liable to any other party for any damages resulting from such failure to perform or otherwise from such causes.

Code of Conduct

All registered and approved Vipers parents/ players have agreed to what is listed below at time of registration.


The intention of this document is to promote Respect, Fairness and Sportsmanship for all participants within the Vipers Program. It is expected that all parents and players of the Vipers read and understand the Code of Conduct and continue to observe and follow all the principles contained within the Code throughout the season.




  1. I will never yell, taunt, threaten or inflict physical violence upon any player, coach, official or spectator.
  2. I will refrain from the use of abusive or vulgar language, racial, ethnic or gender related slurs at any time.
  3. I will leave the coaching to the coaching staff. I will encourage my child to play in a manner consistent with the team’s strategy or plans.
  4. I will respect and show appreciation for the volunteers who give their time to Club Softball for my child.
  5. I will refrain from addressing or challenging a coach during a game.
  6. I will never ridicule or yell at my child or any other players for making a mistake or losing a competition.
  7. I will respect the umpires and their authority during games. I will not confront an umpire before, during or after a game.
  8. I will refrain from coaching my child or other players during games and practices, unless I am one of the official coaches of the team. Attempts to coach your child, while may be well intentioned, may contradict what the head coach is doing or what has been practiced.  Parents are encouraged to approach coaches when appropriate to ask questions, but attempting to coach during a game is prohibited.
  9. I will not enter the dugout during a game or position myself near a dugout as to interfere with players or coaches.
  10. I will learn the rules of the game so that I may best support my child’s development in the game.
  11. I will not confront coaches at the game field. I will take the time to speak with the coaches at an agreed upon time and place and it must be at least 48 hours after the game. Further, I also acknowledge that if I elect to “pull my child” midway through a game, tournament, practice or Viper event because I am unhappy or disappointed, I am effectively pulling them from the program and my membership will be immediately terminated.  The 48 hour rule has already been explained, as has playing time, positioning & expectations.
  12. I will remember that my child plays Club Softball for his or her enjoyment, not the managers or coaches.
  13. I will teach my child that playing by the rules, doing their very best is more important than winning so that my child will never feel defeated by the outcome of a game or his/her performance.
  14. I will teach my child that this is a team sport and no one individual can determine the outcome of a game.
  15. I will not consume alcohol or tobacco products in the presence of any youth participant on the field or complex.
  16. I understand that I, as a parent, do not have any control over team/club rosters. The Vipers target 13 players per roster.



  1. I will display good sportsmanship and team play at all times.
  2. I will control my emotions at all times. I will be a player that will think and then act, not the other way around. I will not throw my helmet, bat, glove or anything in the dugout or on the field.  I understand this will not be tolerated and I will be disciplined if I do it.
  3. Follow the direction of the coaching staff. I will play where asked to play and hustle on and off the field.
  4. I will respect all coaches, players, league officials, umpires, opponents and spectators.
  5. I will make every attempt to be on time and ready to play for all games and practices. I understand failure to attend practices or games without notice or being excused by the coaching staff can result in a loss of playing time.
  6. I will wear my uniforms and practice attire properly. I will be fully dressed from the time I get to the field until the time I leave.
  7. I will wear long pants and proper softball attire for all games and practices unless directed otherwise. I will wear jackets and/or long sleeves when necessary to all games and practices, especially early in the season.  I understand that cleats and a facemask are required equipment at all times.
  8. I will always try my hardest when playing the game and will always be supportive and positive teammates.


I hereby agree that if I fail to conform to the foregoing I will be subject to disciplinary action including but not limited to the following in any order or combination thereof:.


  1. Verbal or written warning.
  2. Immediate ejection from any game, practice or any other organized league event.
  3. Suspension from games(s), practice(s), or any other organized league event(s).
  4. Removal from program

No Refunds

This is directly from the Viper Player Agreement signed at registration:

We acknowledge that we have read and understand this parent and player packet provided herein.  Additionally, we acknowledge that if a player quits or is removed from a team (for any reason, voluntarily or involuntarily) there will be no refunds given, no exceptions.



“The Vipers” hereby adopts (has adopted) a zero-tolerance policy toward any form of violence and harassment, understood as: physical hitting, shoving, kicking, throwing of objects, unwanted sexual advances, all forms of physical assault; abusive language or e-mails, threats, harassment and intimidation; any attitude or action that can be reasonably construed as violence toward another.

Vipers ownership has posted this to their website and communicates this policy to all members and stakeholders, especially managers, coaches, umpires, parents, and players, and advise them of their responsibility to report all incidents that can reasonably be construed as violence.

Upon receipt of any report of alleged violence or intimidation, the ownership and Player Agent, with an appointed sub-committee, will conduct an investigation to determine if the allegations are substantiated. The investigation will commence within 7 days of the reported incident.  Incidents must be reported in writing.

If the allegations of misconduct are substantiated, one or more of the following consequences will be recommended to the board.


  • Be given a verbal/written warning that the action/behavior must stop immediately.
  • Be reprimanded verbally before the board and in writing and placed on probation for one year.
  • Be suspended from managing/coaching/umpiring any team for any length to be determined, and/or restriction from any and all activity associated with The Vipers.


It is the intent of “The Vipers” to ensure a safe, productive, and professional softball & baseball environment.  All decisions will be rendered with these principles in mind.


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All Viper coaches have shown and/ or represented certifications in Concussion and Head Injury Awareness & Protocols