This is an update to the August, 2023 Posting


Effective 2/28/24, any and all team or individual fundraisers are not permitted. NJV Organizational fundraisers are all that will be permitted going forward until further notice.



  1. Introduction: The North Jersey Vipers (“NJV”) recognizes that involvement in club softball can present a strong commitment to, and sometimes unforeseen, costs in the form of player fees, tournament registration costs, and travel expenses. The NJV endeavors to assist our members in meeting those financial obligations through fundraising activities where appropriate.


  1. Purpose: The purpose of this “Fundraising Policy and Guidelines” is to ensure that NJV players, team managers, coaches, and parents understand the Club’s fundraising policies and authorized activities. NJV is a private organization and structured as a Limited Liability Company, (“LLC”), so all assumptions to tax deductibility or charitable contributions will be managed by individuals and their tax advisors. NJV make(s) no representations to tax benefits or tax deductibility.
    1. NJV will do organizational fundraisers from time to time. When these events occur, purpose and goals will be clearly stated and published.
    2. NJV will comply with all local, state, and federal laws in doing so


  1. Fundraising Procedures:
    1. Team Fundraising Activities: Team Fundraising Activities provide an opportunity for teams to raise funds to help offset team costs such as team-specific equipment, team specific travel costs, or tournament fees not paid for by the NJV. The critical distinction with Team Fundraising Activities is that any funds raised must be utilized for equal benefit of all members of the team and may not benefit any specific player or subset of players. The following process must be followed for all Team Fundraising Activities:
      1. The Team needs to receive Team Fundraising approval by the NJV (see below).
      2. The Team will engage in the Team Fundraising Activity.
  • The Team Fundraising Coordinator (who needs to be approved by the NJV) will collect any funds raised for deposit with the NJV, then deliver to the NJV. The NJV will maintain a separate ledger specific to dollars raised and expended.  The team will have access to the funds via distribution by the NJV to pay for an event(s) that benefit all team members equally; and
  1. The Team Fundraising Coordinator will keep records of all funds raised prior to depositing with the NJV, and request where and when funds be disbursed.
  2. The NJV may or may not participate in funds raised. This will be decided case by case.
  3. The NJV, at their sole discretion, can modify disbursement schedules or alter to ensure policy compliance.
  1. Approval of Fundraising Activities: All team fundraising activities that do not appear in section 4 of these Fundraising Guidelines must be preapproved by the NJV. In making the request, a team should include the following:
  2. A short description of the requested fundraising activity.
  3. The purpose or need for the fundraising activity (what will the funds be used for).

iii. Are any local, state, or federal licensing or approvals required.  If so, cost and process on how to obtain need to accompany the request,

  1. Whether the NJV logo (and which one) will be used in any way.
  2. Contact information for the team’s fundraising coordinator.
  3. Usage of Funds Raised: Proceeds of fundraising activities must be used to pay softball related expenses such as tournament costs, training, and travel (or item approved by the NJV). Teams may also use fundraising proceeds to plan team bonding activities such as pizza parties or team outings. In no event should any funds raised through Team Fundraising Activities be allocated to the benefit of a single player or a subset of players on the team. All proceeds of Team Fundraising Activities must be utilized for the benefit all members of the team. The Club is not responsible to manage the collection of funds raised. Any allocation for coaches and staff will be approved by the Team Coordinator and the NJV
  4. Exclusivity of Fundraising Activities: A NJV team may not claim “exclusivity” to any fundraising activity. For example, if one team is selling travel coffee mugs, a different NJV team is not prohibited from also selling travel coffee mugs.
  5. Revenue Share: The NJV may, based on revenue and type of event, retain up to but not exceed 20% of funds raised to apply towards the entire organization. This percentage can be adjusted based on anticipated proceeds and the event.
  1. Fundraising Guidelines & Limitations
  •  Items offered should not conflict withy items offered via team stores
  • The sale of any tobacco products is strictly prohibited
  • The sale of home-made food items is prohibited
  • Any calendar or like-product featuring photographs of NJV players, coaches, or members is prohibited
  • Teams may not reach out to individual businesses for sponsorship. All inquiries of this sort must go through the NJV or receive NJV approval.
  • Subterfuge and workarounds are prohibited.



  1. Sales of NJV Apparel or Gear for Fundraising Activities. All requests for fundraising sales of NJV apparel or gear must be submitted for approval.  Subject to the approval by the NJV, the following guidelines will apply:
  • Examples or samples of any apparel or gear that is the subject of a proposed apparel or gear offering must be submitted with the fundraising application (photographs, diagrams, or illustrations are acceptable if physical samples are not available).
  • Products sold must not duplicate items that may be offered by the vendors already approved to work the club wide event unless approved
  • All apparel must be primarily offered in the NJV colors of lime green, grey, black, white or USA red/white/blue. Pink/ light blue is permitted around cancer awareness activities.
  • NJV is proud to have relationships with Squadlocker and Graphically Speaking. All apparel should be geared to be purchased and printed by them.
    • Homemade/ Cricket type items should not be considered unless approved by the NJV
  • If a team wishes to sell a product not offered by either vendor, the team may contract with a third-party manufacturer, but the Club shall not be responsible to cover or reimburse for any financial losses that may result from the purchase of too much inventory. The NJV must approve all items, logo, color(s), and the vendor.
  • The Club will not “front” the costs of any NJV gear or apparel sales – this is the sole responsibility of the specific team.
  • Teams may not store any additional inventory in the NJV Facility or Storage Shed.
  • For any approved fundraising activity that will use the official NJV logo, teams will pay up to but not exceed 20% of the total amount of funds raised to the club.


  1. No Assumption of Liability for Fundraising Activities: NJV will not assume responsibility for any loss, damages, claims or expenses of any kind whatsoever sustained or incurred by any individual resulting from or related to any fundraising activities, whether approved or unapproved.


  1. Point of Contact for Questions: For any questions regarding fundraising activities, please contact the NJV at [email protected]


Note: The need to fundraise greatly diminishes with the organization-wide opportunity to raise funding to lower costs via Snap! Raise (or similar type of event should vendor change).  Further, the NJV can not be involved, directly or indirectly, with perpetual fundraising, market disorientation or saturation when it comes to fundraising. Lastly, the NJV is offering 2-3 organizational fundraisers in the 2023/24 season to assist with re-investments already made.  There cannot be competing and multiple fundraising happening that would take away from the organizational fundraising goals, which ultimately take top priority. 

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