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North Jersey Vipers is a highly competitive 10U - 18U club softball organization.  Throughout our existence, we have established a team softball approach in the "club circuit" while building a foundation of commitment and dedication with mostly volunteers serving the youth of our communities.

There can be no "true" victory without integrity, hard work and a passion for the game of softball!  The North Jersey Viper players learn to respect the game of softball and all who are involved in it- teammates, our competition, coaches, and parents!

Our primary objective is to use softball as the vehicle to motivate and teach athletes the fundamentals of competition and discipline...to provide a positive environment for the development of a successful athletic career resulting in the athlete realizing her greatest potential and playing at the highest level possible.

Please contact us to learn more as this is an ever evolving story.   

Softball in a softball field

Where has the NJ Vipers taken our alumni to continue their softball/ athletic careers?




What People are saying about North Jersey Vipers

The North Jersey Vipers are a highly competitive softball program with an amazing indoor facility!

Wow, how many trophies can one organization have! They are awesome!

The owners of the organization are extremely knowledgable and very approachable! What an amazing group of coaches and staff on every level!

Dear Coaches,


Words can't express how excited and humbled we all are that (we have) been offered an invitation to join your team. This has been an on-going goal for her over the past few years and she is beyond excited to see it come true. I can honestly say that we all have been incredibly impressed by your organization and had an opportunity to attend and watch teams play & not only perform very well as a team but witnessed the support and connections they had with each other and the coaches. 

We are looking forward and excited to be starting the season. 

Thank you so much for giving us a home

North jersey Vipers 14u White team in Myrtle beach Nationals excels going 7-3, almost made the championship, played the most exciting softball I have ever witnessed. Great job girls!

We love the Vipers!  Thanks for the opportunity for (our daughter).  

She can't wait to start on the team!  Thanks so much!!!!