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Fundraising Available Again for 2023/24

By rgermano22 | Jul 19, 2023 |

The Vipers are proud to announce the return of our Snap! Raise fundraiser for 2023/24.  This is an opportunity for our families to reduce their annual costs by participating in this program. This does not involve shaking a can outside a store or traffic light, selling baked goods or some other product nobody really wants.…

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Auxiliary Training Space: Winter

By rgermano22 | Jul 18, 2023 |

For Immediate Release:  7-18-23: The NJ Vipers announced today  that they have secured 24 hours of training time in an offsite, auxiliary training space from December 2023 into March 2024. ” This space is >16,000 sf and large enough for full infield workouts, outfield flyball and gap coverage, catcher throw downs and much, much more. …

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Viper Sayings & Meanings

By rgermano22 | Apr 24, 2023 |

  Viper Sayings & Their Meanings:   It’s A Team Game: It takes a team to win.  This is not an individual sport.  Play your role and do your job as it presents itself.  Players are here for “We”, not “me”. Come Back to Wallingford: Used at Northern Exposure for the first time…outfielder playing way…

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