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Letter to Players, Addendum

By rgermano22 | Mar 21, 2024 |

As a follow up to our recent Open Letter To Players from 3/11/24, I want to ensure you all get a chance to read/ absorb, and put into more perspective where we are following our final Dome Workouts Dome Post          F&10u Post  Sunday, 3/17 wrapped up 34 hours of training sessions in…

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Open Letter To Players, 3/11/24

By rgermano22 | Mar 12, 2024 |

3/11/24   It is hard to believe that we are in March and on the precipice of a new season.  You are all entering an important and special season in your softball career.   By coming on board and (re) joining the Vipers in August, you made a commitment to your teammates, yourself, and the game…

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NJ Vipers Funky Chunky Fundraiser

By rgermano22 | Feb 28, 2024 |

The Vipers are proud to announce a 2024 Spring organizational fundraiser.  This is an opportunity for our families to reduce their annual costs and does not involve shaking a can outside a store or traffic light, selling baked goods or some other activity nobody really wants to do. I often mention how I obsess over…

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