A Querc From The Merc, 5/13/20

Everyone is itching to see each other again, to play games, cheer one another on, stay in hotels, and playing in tournaments.  As restrictions ease and opportunities become available to practice and play again,  injuries may become an issue.


You’ve been locked up for 2 months and unless you’ve been stretching, running,  and working out, your could be susceptible to an injury without properly warming up.





According to www.stopsportsinjuries.com


For pitchers, the most common overuse injuries are shoulder tendinitis (inflammation of the tendon), back or neck pain, and elbow, forearm, and wrist tendinitis. For catchers, back and knee problems in addition to overhead throwing shoulder problems are the most common. For other position players, overhead shoulder and sometimes elbow problems predominate.


Overuse injuries are preventable. Some tips to keep you in the game throughout your life include:

Warm up properly by stretching, running, and easy, gradual throwing.

Flexibility of pitchers needs to be the focus during the season rather than strengthening.

Don’t throw with pain, and see a doctor if the pain persists for a week.

Communicate regularly about how your arm is feeling and if there is pain or fatigue.

Emphasize control, accuracy, and good mechanics.

Speak with a sports medicine professional or athletic trainer if you have any concerns about softball injuries or softball injury prevention strategies

Return to play only when clearance is granted by a health care professional.

Always remember to ice after pitching and work yourself back into game shape. Remember no one wants to miss whatever is left of the season because of an injury.



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