We are 5 weeks into our 2024 season as we enter our second month of 2024 training!  Do not let winter sessions go by without taking full advantage.  Open Hitting is a standing Monday event and will be live again tonight from 6-8pm. 

I have been sharing this the past few weeks and just want to continue to message this.  Please know I am sharing solely out of pride and passion for what we are offering you this year.  I can say with certainty, in the history of our program, we have never had so many offerings with true strategic training for our players.  Never.  We are always looking to add even more, so stay tuned as it is not if, but what and when we make additions.  For example, our players this past week got: :
– 2 team practice slots (remember, players can ask to switch to work with another team if a conflict for a day or week)
– Waldwick Dome Training, focused on IF, OF, and we brought back Bill Reddick for another week of Catching training.
– Open Hitting Monday
– Catching Clinics with Trip on Sunday ( I have attended all of these sessions)
– Open Pitching session on Saturday 2/3 (I attended the past several weeks of these)

I can say with absolute certainty that our players have the greatest opportunity to make 2024 the best season of their careers, but it must be worked for & earned…they cannot download it.  It is not just given to them.  It cannot be purchased, and it is never on sale.

These events are opportunities that far exceed, in my view (and I am biased :)) what any of our competitors are doing.  More importantly, all of our sessions have a purpose and tie into our overall strategy and mission.  We are not doing random.  We are not just filling time.  We are not just checking a box.  We are proud to do it and happy that so many have been “All In” on this.  Watching the army of Vipers march into the Dome Saturday (and every Saturday) was very humbling.  Players (and coaches) have to do this work to compete where we will be playing this year.  Take advantage of all that you have available to you.

If any player is unprepared this upcoming season, they will need to look in the mirror and ask themselves honestly if they embraced and took advantage of all the offerings that were available to them through the Vipers.

Practice Scared

Bob Germano


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