A few things:


  1. there are three new turf pitching mats, to go along with our black rubber one.  The new turf ones are in the handled carriers on the hooks.  Please do not use standalone pitching rubbers anymore.  I have removed them all and sored in our shed.
    • please return the turf mats to the handled carry case when done and hang on hooks.
  2. We purchased several new plates “with rivers”.  When finished, please place them back neatly against the window wall
  3. Bases/ Home plates: when using, please return bases and plates back to the wall and place them neatly.
  4. Do not allow equipment bags, or the black heavy duty pitching mat to lean into the netting wall.  It is becoming strained and flexed.  We cannot have this break loose.  We need to be mindful of this…nothing should be leaning against it.
    • We added several additional hooks for bags to hang.  Between the hooks in entry way and inside the training area…no reason why bags should not be hanging/ out of the way
  5.   Please return buckets/ lids/ footballs etc to their proper place when done.
  6.   Always pick up all balls and properly sort them.  Bownet practice sponges, heavy’s, 12″ and 11″ balls and put them back in their proper cart or bucket, ready for the next team.
  7.  No Food, Seeds, or Gum.  Seriously, no seeds, food, or gum.  New turf.  Common sense.
    • Please throw away all water bottles from the floor after your practice.  They seem to breed like tribbles
  8.  Keep heater at 55 degrees.  No need to generally go higher than that.  If for some reason you need to, please go to about 60 for a bit then return to 55.  The 60 will get you warm and if you are moving around and practicing the way you should be, you are plenty warm as the heat blows right out on to the floor as you know.
  9.  Exhaust fan must remain on when den not in use.  Air needs to be flowing in there
  10.  Shut all lights and ensure all doors, including garage door, are locked, and secured.  Ensure back door closes securely
  11.  Items left behind:  We will be purging all left behind/ lost and found items this weekend, including water bottles, sweatshirts, jackets, etc.  Some have been there for several months.


I will be exploring how to better store the cones/ bases and stuff, so they are not just out on the floor.  I did remove some items to shed storage


Please treat the den as if you are an owner


Thank you.


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