Welcome to our Futures / Entry Level Page!

2014/15 Birthdays

We first started running a Futures level in 2021 season, although through our Renegades program we have managed &/ or run 3rd and 4th grade teams for the past 15 years.  This is nothing new to us.

Our Philosophy: 

At 8 or 9 years old, we have found that kids love to do a variety of activities.  We fully endorse that.  Our goal is to make softball one of their many activities, and have them learn to play and hopefully fall in love with the game.

We hope they are playing other sports during the other seasons, such as soccer and basketball to name a few.  We want softball to be part of their routine so that as they evolve and get ready to play a few games, they have some of the skillsets necessary to learn how to play and compete.  Pitching, catching...all part of what we introduce in a non-stressful manner.

Our hope and intention is that when they get to be 10u eligible, they choose to stay with softball and play for our Vipers program.

Our Futures program will be run by Kathleen Hutchings and Sheila Serafin.

Coach Sheila is a former NCAA player, Varsity Softball coach and currently an elementary school teacher.  She has coached with the Vipers for the past 7 years...from 8u up to 18U Premier.

Coach Hutch is currently coaching one of our 3rd/ 4th Grade Renegades teams and will take the Vipers through May.  She has been fully integrated into our program and does an amazing job.  Coach Hutch played soccer in college and has been coaching softball for the past 2 years.  She will be coaching our 10u team in 2024/25.


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Scope: Intended for 2014/15 players who are interested in expanding their softball training and development, but may not be ready to compete at a full 10U level. The intent of this level is to train them in the "Viper Way" to 1) Be available for call ups/ guest opportunities should the 10u level ever need, and 2) be ready to transition to the 10u team in the Fall, 2024

Organizational Clinic Opportunities: Based on type and age groups, will be invited to participate with the 10u Level

Weekly Practices during Fall. Can be more at team discretion: Level is encouraged to practice 1-2X during the week. Coaches at their discretion may cancel practices based on player availability. Practice venues can be throughout Bergen County or even Rockland County. Field availability will drive this. Team will have dedicated indoor time regardless. Teams may share field or facility time based on availability and conflicts

Weekend Event, Fall/ Competition: This level will comprise mostly of practices, building skillsets and learning the new pace of play. Coach will look to schedule a competition day or days to benchmark training progress

Winter Training: Team will have availability of 1-2x per week. Coach may seek open opportunities based on scheduling and availability.

Spring Events: We will look to schedule a few competition days in the Spring to again baseline our progress. The intent will be to level up some of the rules and show the girls how to play such things as unlimited stealing, bunting, etc…  This is TBD and TBA based on prpgress, rec schedules, player availability, etc.

Spring Note: Once rec games begin, practices will dissipate greatly.  Practice events will be scheduled week to week once rec starts.  Games should already be scheduled from winter

Duration: Runs September through May

Included: Batting Gloves, Headbands

Also Required: Players will need to purchase helmet (black), bat bag, two tops (white/ black Holloway sublimated) , 1 pant (black), socks (black), belt (black).   Click Here to Shop